The shop

Six years ago, one year after the birth of my youngest daughter, a dream materialized in the shape of  a tiny webshop with three dresses and a vest and a great name. This has now grown into a virtual wonderland of creativity, fun and retro vibes. is my little empire  of design for children and colourful homes. Though the shop is still only in Danish I do ship anywhere and I’ll be happy to help! Just drop me a line if you stop by and see something you like.

Interior from the shop on hyregatan

I even have my own little atelier-boutique in Gamla Väster in Malmö. You’re welcome to stop by and see for yourself. I am there Thursdays from 11-15, I promise! I’m often there on other days too and when I am the flag is out and you’re welcome to come in and have a look and a chat! If you want to visit outside opening hours and don’t want to find a locked door just drop me a line at stine[at]lutterlagkage[dot]dk

Shop online here

Visit the atelier-boutique here:

Hyregatan 7

211 21 Malmö


The shop is officially closed. Now, after 8 years it is time to move on to new adventures. I am blogging here on lula’s bazaar, my notes on how to love your home and your life and thrive in it by adding the right dosage of colour and fun.



  1. Sally

    Hello, do you stock vintage wallpaper.. there is a beautiful photo in flikr of a bedroom with purple,pink green and white flower wallpaper it is so beautiful.
    Greetings from Sunny Sydney.
    Yours sincerely

  2. Hi Sally,
    Thanks so much for your comment! I know exactly which wallpaper you mean! Unfortunately I don’t have more of that particular print. I have a few wonderful vintage wallpapers that I’m currently thinking of putting up for sale at the shop – but I haven’t made up my mind yet as to which ones I can actually bear to part with!
    I’ll leave a word here on the blog if and when I decide.

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