Caravan conversion

I come from a big family. A family of 4 girls who have all grown up now with their own families and children. Now my parents’ house simply isn’t big enough if we all want to come home at the same time. We’re fixing that little problem with an extension. An old, worn-out caravan in the garden. And I’m in charge of the remodelling and styling. It’s a dream project. And there’s loads to work with!

Retro caravan in garden

The garden is wonderful and at it’s best right now. I love how the caravan looks like it’s been dropped in the middle of an enchanted forest.

retro curtains for the caravan on the clothing line outside

retro curtains in the laundry basket

laundry basket with retro curtains

The caravan has been sitting in a barn for years. It hasn’t been used for decades. It’s a blank canvas. And a playground. I want to keep certain elements such as the curtains and the orange lamp shade and brighten the whole interior. It’ll be cool and comfy. I promise!

dark and cluttered interior of caravan

inside of retro caravan with orange retro lamp and red stools

I have always dreamed of a project like this. In my dreams I have a small plot of land somewhere close to the sea with an old caravan sitting in the middle of a beautiful, wild garden. I sit outside the caravan when the weather is fine and sip my tea, thinking about life and new projects and scribbling a few lines on my book. And then, when I get hungry I whip up a salad with produce from my own little vegetable patch in my outdoors kitchen, or I get into my Mini cabriolet with the top down and drive along the winding roads to my favourite café where I eat and chat with the locals.

This project is close enough to that dream for now.


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. Ingrid

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I know it’s going to have your amazing touch.

  2. Thanks so much Ingrid. I think I am going for “Nordic Nomad” with this one – with a retro twist

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