Baby steps in a new direction

Or should I say baby steps in a direction? I have plans, ideas, dreams and things to do. Today I played around with a couple of ideas for a background for a web page I finally want to set up for myself. Right now it’s most of a “mood board” sort of thing. It’ll take shape along the way, I hope. I am embracing my inner girly girl! And I am embracing spring.

Cherry blossoms and plastic beads

I have also enjoyed taking the little dog out for numerous walks and a single bike ride on my new purple bike. Spring is here!

Oh, and it was Easter! I found these decorated Easter eggs and the “machine” the girls made with their grandfather last year – a neat contraption that hold the eggs while you paint them. What can I say – creativity runs in the family!


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.

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