My home has homespun style!


On a warm summers day last year Selina Lake and Debi Treloar came by my small apartment in Malmö to shoot some images for their book “Homespun Style”. I was chuffed to be part of the project and I have been looking forward to seeing the end result. Yesterday the book finally landed in my mailbox. It’s the finest eye candy brimming with beautiful captures from amazing homes and I feel quite humbled to have been asked to share my home with them and the readers. And I’m so happy it all worked out. So far I have been flipping through it backwards and forwards, oooh-ing and ah-ing every other second. I can’t wait dive into it and then I’ll share at bit more. So far I’ll give you a small (and slightly biased) taste and feel of the book.

Go here to get your own copy.





If you are curious about how my home looks seen through my own eyes there’s a small home tour here.


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. Thanks, Graca. I like the book – it’s full of details.

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