Sometimes it’s the silence in between that matters

You know how life races ahead sometimes and suddenly you realize that you can’t quite keep up? How you loose track and focus? It happens. It happens to me to. I have been awfully quiet for a while because I needed to really listen to the silence in between. I needed to enjoy the gaps, the cracks and the empty spaces in the routine that was my day-to-day-life. I celebrated Christmas, New-years and my fortieth birthday. And I enjoyed it all because I remembered to pull the breaks in time. And now I’m sort of getting up to speed again. Starting today I will be a more frequent hostess here. A better hostess. And a more present hostess.

Family photo

On new years eve I made this family portrait with the help of my bedazzled father who didn’t get the point at first (I can’t get both your legs AND your feet at this distance) with a silent nod to my friend Tif (aka Dottie Angel) who has been standing on many a stool for headless shots and to my friend Graca Paz for the obvious shared passion for pink. We stood there, the girls and I, on a freezing patio deck, laughing and hugging and having a ball and I thought silently, happy and a bit nervous to take on the challenge: “this is my year…..”

I’ll do my best. I am doing my best. And I think I have re-discovered what matters the most to me. So hang on, it’ll be fun and colourful. I promise!


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. Stine. Iam going to save you blog otherwise i forget to visit you. A friend show me this and at the same time i published a post in my own blog about the …silence in bettewn should read Eckart Tolle! My life turn upside down, my love for pink is far away in my other village that you visit, i live in another house now that loks like snow white house and iam mutch happier now_! I leave everything behind and come to this house only with my kids and some lamps!!! but at the moment i diceded that (and it tok me a while) my life gave a big spet to the future in the rigth track and with many news that you even can´t imagine. I feel you sad! if you need to came to Portugal to rest iam living in that farm were we came to have a bath after the river afternoon!! I´m always have space for you and you don´t pay hotel, only the plain! The invitation is made! A big kiss to you all. Graça

  2. Dear Graca
    I remember that afternoon very well and I instantly recognized the house on your photos. I’ll never forget that week with you. How I swam in the river in my underwear (non-sexy and mismatched) the whites person in the pond! That cooling dip in the water basin and the orchard with all the fruits scattered on the ground. I remember you and me talking about the view and the house you live in now, how it could be turned into a beautiful cottage.It will stay with me forever!
    I’m not sad at the moment – life has just taken a few turns this past year or so. I’m getting better and better, I love where I am in life and I’m pushing to make the most of it.
    Sweetie, thank you so much for the invitation. I might take you up on that some day. I’d love to see you again.
    Kisses and hugs from us!

  3. When you want its my pleasure!! You know that…and mutch moore ligther this time! Only us. Life is alwyas changing but i think it´s for the best because when we don´t give the steps ourselves life gives it for us and in a very dificult way but after the storm you know!!! I wish you all the best and you puppy is delicious! Kisses to you all


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