Last-minute gifts – friendship bracelet and giftbox


Christmas is close. We like to make some gifts of our own and this year Ulrikke came up with this clever little number; friendship bracelets neatly nested in their own little matchbox giftboxes. She made them for her two best friends and she liked making them so much that she was very keen to show you all how easy and fun it is to make your own!

It’s a wonderful project because you can adjust to your needs and likings – put something else in it, decorate it another way, twist and tweak it to your fancy. But it’s easy to do and the kids can make it on their own for little secret gifts while you unwind in the sofa with some chocolate and the magazine you didn’t have time to read – or other Christmas related stuff you can’t wait to do!

Ulrikke wanted to do a video to take you through the process. So here it is; an easy-peasy DIY-guide to making your own tiny giftboxes with friendship bracelets.

She doesn’t speak English (yet) but it’s sort of self-explanatory and it actually might be quite amusing to listen to if Danish is utterly foreign to your ears. Scroll down for a list of supplies and a few tips, tricks and thoughts. And have fun!


List of supplies:

  • Matchbox
  • Vintage children’s book or other papery goodies that tickles your fancy
  • beads
  • glue
  • measuring tape (make sure it’s OK to cut a piece of before you start cutting your mother’s best measuring tape)
  • snap fasteners
  • Yoyo-maker
  • tiny piece of fabric
  • hot glue gun

Tips and tricks:

Use a water soluble decoupage glue for the best result – but any old water soluble glue will do. The hot glue gun is the best option to attach your decoration to the bracelet but you could also sew it on if you like.  Make sure to fold the ends of the measuring tape – and make allowance for the extra length when you figure out how long you want it. We used about 19 cm for 8-year-old wrists.

Twists and tweaks:

Fill the giftbox with something else: a tiny toy, a pretty mini-picture of the kids, a piece of candy, a little letter, a gift certificate or leave the matches in it and don’t cover the sides – a perfect gift for the grandparents.

Make a minicollage on the matchbox instead of using a ready-made cut out from a book.

Make another sort of bracelet. You could crochet something, macramé or pleat or make you own home-made jewellery  with supplies from a hobby store.

And why should you do this? When there is probably so much else on your list you need to finish before Christmas. Well, because it’s priceless to see the pride and joy in your kid’s eyes. Because you might get inspired by the sheer pleasure and thrill of crafting a pretty little thing. Because this is a perfect mini-break from all the stress. And because this is a doable manageable and little project if you keep it simple. Don’t overdo – just do!

Merry Christmas!



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