Art for kids at Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen

I love the playful and imaginative approach to storytelling and art for kids this exhibition derives from. The girls and I visited it last Saturday and it’s still up – it ends 30 october 2011. It’s a labyrinth-like installation with video projections and rooms to explore and it’s a beautiful adventure for all the senses. You can touch and interact and become part of the whole installation. While exploring the hotel you would meet the guests and residents of the hotel and get a glimpse of their stories and secrets, all linked through their passion for the ocean or their longing with water being the connecting factor. Amongst others we meet the receptionist, secretly in love with the hotel manager, the girls who played hide and seek, the singer, the lady who brushed her hair, the woman longing for her dead sister, and we found the secret passage to the ocean.

A few iphone snaps from “hotel Nikolaj” Best viewed large. Click on the images to view them large and click again to view the next. Thanks.

The exhibition “hotel Nikolaj” is a collaboration between Gabriel Hernández og Marga Socias from “teatro de los Sentidos” in Barcelona and Danish videoartist Lærke Lauta

It was wonderful and poetic, touching and engaging. Thank you so much!


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.

One comment

  1. tilde

    thanks to gabriel and marga, to this beautiful experience this is a mus do, for every person who wants to get closer to the real art intallations, I was told this was for kids, but its far far from this its so empowering and so important for adults as well… really thanks for this. i love to repeat the experience…

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