Morning rituals

Morning rituals, originally uploaded by lutterlagkage.

This morning when we woke up it was dark. The girls were moaning with discontent, hardly able to open their eyes. I’m no morning person either. The sheets were cosy and warm and the floor was cold to my bare feet when I tiptoed to the bathroom.

The good thing about this, though, is that I get to light candles in the morning and enjoy the flame scattering the grey and dull morning light. I get to feel that little tingle of happiness when the flames flicker and we sit around the table eating and talking quietly. I get to feel the warmth of my coffee against my palm when I curl up on my chair and breathe in the scent of freshly brewed coffee. I feel alive and I enjoy the slow awakening of senses when the autumn is here.

I have taken up yoga again – slowly and cautiously, careful not to make things worse in my back. But with baby steps I feel a tiny improvement every day. I have had back problems with herniated discs for so long that even the slightest change makes me feel both elated and scared – thrilled with the improvement and scared of the next set-back. But I do it – work and focus on getting better. And I do get better – if not physically then at least mentally. The mornings, the yoga, the effort make me feel more open-hearted, optimistic and at ease.

And though the morning was grey when we got up it is now sunny with a beautiful rainbow across the sky from the short and recent rain shower.

I feel thankful and alive. It’s a beautiful day.


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  1. I quit yoga long ago, not because of the back… But I miss it, and I have trouble with my discs as well, not herniated but protruded, and aching the same.
    Which exercises work well for you, or do you have an approach that you can share?

  2. Hi Julie!
    I might not be the best person to ask about best poses and sequences since my back has been failing me since I took up my yoga routine again. So I do a tiny sequence of 1) child’s pose 2) cat 3) cow 4) downward dog 5) extended puppy 6) child’s pose
    I also like the Happy baby pose and I do this twist Bharadvaja’s Twist very carefully. On top of that I do a sequence of very light and easy neck strengthening exercises to help my neck where I have a slipped disc.

    I try to keep it light and flowy and not to go deeper into the poses than I can manage. I make it my luxury one-on-one time, light some candles and maybe listen to some soothing music. I also try to get into the habit of meditationg and I have used the podcasts from Mary Maddux/meditation oasis that I have downloaded to my iphone. I like her approach and her voice!

    The trick for me is to NOT overdo it. I have to be very careful not to push myself to far into the poses and to reward myself for at least doing something. I tend to feel that it’s not enough. At the moment I’m going for the less is more approach to yoga 🙂

    Have fun, Julie! I hope this helps you.
    xo Stine

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