Make a free and sustainable message board in 15 minutes

Easy meassage board with recycled and found material

Let’s face it – keeping a tidy ship is not one of the biggest virtues in this household! We make a mess and mostly that makes me happy because it means that we are alive and kicking and have three heads full of creative ideas. This weekend the girls and I (7 and 9) turned trash into treasure and made it a bit more easy and a lot more pretty to get organized.

We used:

  • 1 Ikea box
  • two pieces of fabric from the stash
  • glue
  • tape
  • 8 nails

Et voila; a pretty place to put pictures, notes and ongoing paper projects.

Tips and tricks:

Glue two pieces of cardboard together to make it more sturdy.

Don’t be too fussy about the execution. We taped the fabric to the backside – it probably wont last forever, but then we have an excuse to make a new project in a few months.

If you dont have cardboard you can also use styrofoam.

Use whatever fabric you have lying around. Old sheets, maybe a T-shirt or a skirt or a tablecloth. We had this pretty fabric from Ikea lying around designed by Lotta Kühlhorn– but the point is; don’t run of buying new if you would like to be totally sustainable.

Have fun and remember to do this WITH your kids and not for your kids.

Girls smiling and gift wrapping


About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.

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