Vintage wallpaper decals

I have a passion for vintage wallpapers. I’ve been smitten for a long time and I know I’m not the only one. I think vintage wallpaper works just about everywhere; in bits and pieces patchwork style, decoupaged on furniture, for accent walls – and as silhouettes in the nursery!

At the shop I stock the most amazing wall decals made from vintage wallpapers carefully hand cut to the shape of different animals. They are perfect companions for kids of all ages for obvious reasons! However, they are also a funky and humorous twist to the contemporary living space of a modern family. The wallpaper decals are easily put up directly on the wall – or if you prefer to be able to move it or take it with you if you move, you can cut a piece of board, paint it in a lively colour and glue the decal on top! Add a lick of varnish and you will even be able to wipe it with a moist cloth should it be necessary.

Vintage wallpaper decals - inspiration

I’m ordering a new batch of vintage wallpaper decals early next week. That means that Tuesday through Friday (2-6 may 2011) you can order ANYTHING from the huge catalogue of silhuettes and different amazing vintage prints – and you can combine any way you like!

Yuppiiiie! that sounds great – I’m ready to check it out!

Click here!

Oh, the only catch is that it’s in Danish! You can still et an idea, though and I DO ship all over the world and I am more than happy to guide you through. Just give me a shout here: hej [at] lutterlagkage [dot] dk

Remember to leave your order before Friday – and don’t hesitate to share with friends!

Lots of light and love,



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