It takes time to grow a home

It’s relatively easy to quickly furnish a home. It’s a matter of just doing it, really.But to grow a home that makes your heart sing and your creative juices flow is a challenge, a labour of love and a life-long love-affair. There are so many aspects to take into consideration, and one is to make sure that your home has spots that nurture your special talents and desires.

New desk

I recently realized that I had left out a very important aspect in setting up my new(-ish) home; an inspiring work area! I do have my atelier where I work but being a mother of two also requires some working at home at nights or whenever you have a few minutes. I pulled the plug this summer and I sort of lost the spark. The spark that is essential when you work in a creative field and need to provide for yourself. The spark that gets you going. I lost it or I got swamped. But now I’m slowly finding my way back.

My new workspace will help me – I’m absolutely certain!


Improvised work area


Something has been stopping me for a long time. I have been telling myself that it was the big filing cabinet that was sitting here in the corner before; my boyfriend moved it in 5 minutes after I spent 10 minutes emptying it and 15 minutes clearing a space for it in the wardrobe. I’ve been telling myself  that I didn’t have a desk to put there; I had some counter top left from the kitchen and some trestles from a work bench in the basement – I even had shelves to hang. So I had a lot of excuses not to make the change that would help spark my creativity. This is not a permanent solution. I need better trestles, light, what have you but that’s beside the point. The point is that this was a problem that was easy to start fixing. And it’ll get better as I continue to add and edit and make this MY inspiring work area.



Vintage planter

I’ve added a few of my favourite things, little knick-knacks that inspire me. Art from flickr friends and contacts, a bowl from my grandmother, a porcelain parrot from my other grandmother, who died last week, favourite vintage finds and game pieces and a stack of great inspiring interior books.


Vintage memory game

I’m trying to make this my new spot to create, contemplate and communicate.

More from me later!


Colurful settings



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About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. We are the house, the home, we grow, we love, we take care, we suffer, we breath…takes so mutch to grow and be strong like a home.All changes are for the best if they are a part of our process.Congrats for you strong woman.

  2. Tif

    it always amazes me Stine how a home continues to evolve and grow. our mossy shed looks nothing like the house we moved into over 2 years ago. it has encouraged me to become more creative with my thinking and more than any other time in my life i feel like i have nest that feels like home.
    so delighted moving the filing cabinet has put you on a more creative path within your nest. i noted the word boyfriend, so i see i have a lot of catching up to do my dear!
    there is nothing quite like having little bits and pieces around, triggering a fond memory of a time or person in our lives. it makes us feel loved even on the days when we may feel quite alone…
    so happy to see you settling into your new life
    Tif x

  3. Waaaah! Jag saknar dig, Stine – vi måste ses ganska snart! Och då vill jag gärna beundrar din nya arbetsplats hemma hos dig och dricka te och pratar om alla idéer vi inte hann med förra gången…
    Kram och varma tankar, Juliane

  4. Gro

    Dearest Stine,

    I love the quality and feel of these photos. Wonderful to feel the “Stine spirit” again – I am wondering if it isn’t time to really do something about it and take an inspirational trip to Paris together sometime soon:-)

    Love from your sis!

  5. I’m starting to feel the spirit again myself! Parisian inspiration would be great! But we’ll start in Malmö on Tuesday, yeah?
    Kram, kære søster!

  6. Juliane, saknar dig! Det var så himla skönt at sitta vid butiken i solen och prata och drömma. Tror du vi ska hinna med alla ideer denna gången? Te vid arbetsbordet när som helst!
    Kramar, Stine

  7. Tif, we have LOTS of catching up to do! I am settling in, very much so! I know that your home is constantly growing and changing in beautiful ways. Your home is so much “you” and my home is, well so much “me”. And more and more so!

  8. Thank you Graca! You witnessed a very important part of the process this summer and our week together has been fuel on my engine this autumn. And I think you are right; we ARE our homes and we need to treat our homes and ourselves with love and respect. And passion!

  9. Hvor sjovt. Jeg har også lige måtte rømme et hjørne i stuen, for at få plads til mig selv. Hvor mærkeligt, at man kan glemme det! Men det så jo så pænt og hyggeligt ud før 😀 Nu er der bare en masse bøger i overskud!
    Lyder som om du har det godt Stine ;o)

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