Sustainable company car wanted!

Lately I have been looking for a new company vehicle. Since moving a bit further away from the shop I need help with all the stuff I drag back and forth. I do have access to a car but it hasn’t been on the road since early December last year. Not entirely by choice; the fact is that it needs a little TLC and a few official stamps before I can take her for a spin. Truth be told I would feel a bit stupid unless I had really big things to move, if I drove my car 1½ km. Not to mention environmentally irresponsible.

Instead I’m trailing the web for a transport bike to customize.
I had already settled for the well-known Christiania-bike produced by Christiania Smedie. It’s totally cool and it oozes traditional Danish design. I have almost placed my order – I wanted the box eggshell instead – and I’m going to make logos and prints for the sides. Done deal. I have wanted this for years!

But then I saw these and remembered how much I love them:

I never tried one but they come in all sorts of colours. They’re Dutch. What’s not to like! And while I was at it I would grab a new bike for my own personal use too!

I borrowed the images from the Swedish site for this gorgeous Dutch bicycling brand Fietsfabriek – kvalitetscyklar.

I would load the bike with groceries and flowers and parcels for all the happy customers. I would ride around Malmö looking amazing and smiling and waving and totally ignoring the jerks who think that the bike lanes are only for narrow two-wheeled bikes. I would wink at guys behind my oh-so-last-last-year gucci sunglasses. I would blush because of all the men cheering and shouting “you look stunning – will you marry me!”

These bikes make me feel flirty!

More cool bikes here:

Johnny Loco

(ooooohhhhh Johnny Loco – will you marry me?)

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About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. Fietsfabric, nothing else! I am going to get one for myself as well, but I am not sure yet which one I should order. When I was in Amsterdam in May, I so much fell in love with bakfietsen and it is amazing how much people carry on and in them!
    Soliga hälsningar från Höör, Stine!

  2. Tif

    oh stine! i loved this post, it made me wish to live your ‘bicycle dream’… i am thinking clogs on your feet would complete the picture 🙂

  3. 🙂 I have the perfect clogs – and a clog photo shot just for you! You’ll see…..

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