Retro vintage blankets make me happy

I have become a blanket person. I have made quite a number of little vintage blankets from my stash of fabrics. I know they’re out there, making children’s beds pretty, warming someone’s toes or making someone smile. And today another one has found it’s new home. He’s a lovely blanket in a good junior size (100 x 140 cm) in brown and blue tones with babyblue organic terry backing. He has rounded corners like they all do. I’m told he has siblings at his new home.

brown and blue patchwork blanket

Unfortunately the light has been awful around here for many days. It’s been rainy and grey. That makes it sort of hard to capture his true personality.  Making blankets like this makes my day shine, though. I have finished a bunch for a wholesale order. Here’s a production line pre-quilting snapshot. I love the process.

colourful vintage blankets

I try to stock a few blankets at the shop but they don’t stay long. Once in a while I take custom orders. Just talk to me….

Liberty fabrics

New stash makes me happy too! These are Liberty fabrics waiting to be turned into blankets and bedding and cute little dresses. Today was last day of school for the girls. Now awaits more than two months of summer holiday.  It’s crazy! It’s a good thing for this little family; the girls get 5 weeks with me and 5 with their dad- not in a row though. I think I would die if I had to miss them for 5 weeks!

Who would you hate to be without for 5 weeks? And would you take comfort in Liberty stashes and blanket sewing?

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About Stine Holm Weirsøe

Designer, mother, crafter, lover - in short a living, loving, creative woman.


  1. I love patchwork blankets! I am planning on making two of them, as soon as I have my machine up and running…

  2. Bring a pretty blanket for the midsummer party Stine! Even though we pray to the weather gods you (and all of us) might need something warm… And if it is rainy, we should at least spread some colour and joy!

  3. Julie, get that machine up and running now! I’d love to see your take on the good ol’ quilt 🙂
    Juliane, I’ll bring a blanket! Right now the weather looks great – but it’s a week away so you never know…. Fingers crossed! The girls and I look forward to it.

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