Monday is me-day!

Usually I try to keep Monday a regular me-day. Because every other Monday I kiss my girls goodbye in the morning and don’t see them for another week. My heart bleeds every time though I know they’re fine at their father’s.  Then I wander off and try to do something that’s just for me – something I like. Like walking slowly through the park. Sitting on the Bench in front of Konsthallen where it always feels warmer than anywhere else in the city. Having a fabulous lunch or seeing people. Or surfing the internet…

Which is how I found this CocoRosie video. Via Meet me at mike’s, a great and vivid blog, by the way.

But today has been the other Monday – the us-day where the girls come home and we spend the afternoon re-connecting. Today we have baked cinnamon rolls, walked through the rain, read about the dog “Mester”, hugged a lot and sung and danced to Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold – on the girls’ request. Looking for the Katy Perry song on youtube we stopped at the CocoRosie video, because it’s so beautiful and strange. The girls like the part with the girls and the Indian.  I love it when she sings to herself in the mirror. In fact, I like every single part.

Which part do you like?

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